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Discussion in 'Free Stuff' started by ThomasFlorida, Jul 13, 2011.

  1. carmen326

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    They are doing a centerstage Challenge where you complete task for freebies. So far I received stickers, a beanie and a possible T-shirt if I can finish challenge #3....:(
    heres is the Link
  2. ChevVan75

    ChevVan75 Member

    Thanks carmen326
  3. chrisman

    chrisman New Member

    their shipping is so slow!!! it takes forever for their stuff to get to me since they are shipping from california and i live in Connecticut!!! it takes them 7 BUSINESS days to deliver my stuff. waiting on my hat and shirt then gonna work on getting the headphones which should be easy
  4. carmen326

    carmen326 New Member

    If anyone have Facebook page and is doing the UE Challenge for freebies add me as friend I need about 6 more people to complete Challenge # 3 (20 FB friends to like UE Page) My FB name is Carmella Sullivan happy freebie winning
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  5. carmen326

    carmen326 New Member

    You welcome and good luck:fingersx:

    Challenge #1 Fill out the profile and name a band that you discovered on their page (artist to watch page) pick a random name from list
    Prize- 5 Stickers & 10% Discount code on UE universal fit ear phones

    Challenge #2 post a pic the stickers posted somewhere ( I stuck them on my friend's really banged up car and a Burger King restroom)
    Prize - Beanie 20% Discount code on UE universal fit ear phones

    Challenge #3 have 20 FB people like the Ultimate Ears page and upload a pic of the section that show how many friends like their page
    Prize- a T- Shirt 30% Discount code on UE universal fit ear phones

    Challenge #4
    Use T-shirt prize and post a pic of you wearing it at a concert venue or festival
    prize UE EARPHONES!!! and 40% Discount code on UE universal fit ear phones:noes: :run::run::run::run::run::noes:

    Challenge #5 is the easiest
    Just post a review about the earphones that you won or purchased from them and upload the link and you could possibly win Get FREE pair of Ultimate Ears 350 Earphones ($49.99 value.)
    more info here

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