Free Tote Bag -for people with cancer


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Free cancer tote bag request

Thank you so much for your request of our free Cancer Tote Bag from Hope & Help Ministries. We are thrilled with the opportunity to provide this valuable resource to you and want to put this information into your hands quickly. However, we are a very small non-profit ministry organization that operates solely from charitable donations through our small local church. Because of the recent posting of our website on several “freebie†sites & forums (without our knowledge), we have been inundated with requests for our Tote Bags – 100’s per hour compared to our normal of 2-5 per week! We consider this to be a blessing; however our resources are completely exhausted. We are working fervently to replenish so that we can fulfill each request in a timely manner. It is our passion and desire to bring “hope & help†to those diagnosed with cancer.
* Due to the overwhelming response, we are asking for your help. Please rate your need for the Cancer Tote Bag with the scale below: (mark with an “x†beside your choice)
1 – Urgent, please send immediately
5 – No Hurry, send when available
As is the case with many products one orders, there may be a backorder of up to 8-10 weeks in some cases. Thank you for your understanding in this matter.
*Additionally please fill in your full name and proper mailing address below:
Type Your NAME Here
Street Address
City, ST ZIP Code
Once you have received your cancer information, if you feel it has been of benefit to you, there will be a contribution envelope inside the bag that you can use, or you can make a donation on our website at
Blessings & Health to you,
Hope & Help Ministries
NOTE: Hit ‘Reply’ first, fill out the required information, and then ‘Send’ – Thank You


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their obviously getting hit pretty hard right now with requests.. hopefully ppl ordering this really have cancer and not jus ordering it to get somethg for free! thanks for the post update iddybidie =)


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i do not think it is wrong to request one these even if u do not have cancer

Freebies from manufacturers promoting their products to get people to spend money are wonderful and a guilt free treasure! But this is a NOT for profit organization trying to provide a service to those in need. Maybe we all need to send THEM some freebies!:hug:
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