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I know you probably got this too chris

Thank you for your interest in receiving a free sample from our amazing line of organic and natural skin care products. We at have been providing these samples upon request for the past year, as a limited time offer
and many of those who receive our samples have become our loyal customers!

Unfortunately, a third party that is running a site simply for the purpose of offering 'free samples' of all sorts of products has listed as a provider of 'free samples,' regardless that we have no affiliation with this third party. The site allows patrons to enter their shipping address once, then the patrons may simply click once for each online store where he/she wants to accept the offer of a 'free sample.'

While this may seem like a win/win situation on the surface because patrons are being matched up with stores, in fact this will dissuade merchants from making these offers available to the patrons who would be most likely to become loyal customers, for fear that any click-happy person in front of a monitor with five minutes of spare time will request all sorts of 'free samples' for no other reason than because they are 'free.'

We immediately took down our offer, since we will not honor the swarm of requests. Nor do we believe it is in anyone's interest to receive a ton of samples; of which they may try out one or two of every ten that they receive, while disposing of all the rest. However, many more have continued to come and it is the reason for this email.

I am MAD that they assume we are people who all we want is something for free, if there is something you post that does not interest me I don't go for it. I am going to start to add a BAD COMPANY blog on my myspace page for every company that wimps out on us. Well its their loss!!


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Hey I got that too and their $5 off code. If you do onto their website and use the $5 off code (they do have sample sachets to buy for $1.50 each), it does make your total $0 but then the lowest shipping is $5.20. So, I wrote them a nasty email earlier today.


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here was my email

Dear Totally Organic Team-

I am not only very disappointed in your withdrawal of your free sample but I am pretty offended at the way you handled it. I understand that your business my not have been able to handle the number of requests but to assume that someone would go through the trouble of requesting your product just to have something for free is an ignorant assumption. Of all the people that would have tried your product I bet a lot may have become customers but I guess that was a bet your business did not want to take. I also find a $5 off coupon not to be the same as a free sample, especially as your products are very pricey. The world is going "green" and some products are hit or miss, on something as delicate as skin care a free sample is to make sure the product won't cause a reaction and provide the right balance on someone's skin(I did notice the sample packs to pay for but after shipping its more then what I but at the store). I am sorry you chose to lose promising future customers and the fact you handled it so poorly. As for the "free" site, It was posted on many but the only one I trust happens to be a friendly tight knit community that shares opinions about the samples and use the site to try new things.


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This is what I got back.......

Thank you for your email.

We sent out the letter to do right by our people, since we were getting thousands of sign ups to our mailing list from the free website, for over a week after we took our free offer down.

Our web site automatically charges for shipping $5.20 if you wish to send it any other way, please email us the products you want, email me your telephone number so we can get your credit card information and process your order that way.

We hope you can reconsider and enjoy our fabulous products sometime in the future.

Wishing you a blessed day,

Dalain Kurzban
Founder of Totally Organic
Office: 786-242-8457
Toll Free: 888-813-3350


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the email I got back was all about how they think they are doing right by sending a $5 off coupon...whatever they are on my Sh*t list.
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