FREE Tooth Cleaning, Filling or Extraction


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:D <---- look at those pearly whites!!!

Today, while searching for low cost dental in my neck of the woods, I came across the Dentistry from the Heart organization that provides free dental clinics (choice of free tooth cleaning OR filling OR extraction) in various states throughout the U.S. The event dates and locations are listed in the link above. Patient must be 18+ years old. If you find one in your area, I suggest contacting that dental clinic for more details. The location I contacted was for the first 100 patients, first come first serve and this is likely the case with all the clinics (which means you may want to arrive really, really, really early!)

This is from their home page: "Dentistry From The Heart (DFTH) is a national non-profit organization dedicated to providing free dental care to those who need it. Every year, individual dentists and practices across the country donate their time and resources to host their own DFTH events. In support our of DFTH partners, the organization serves to recruit, unify, and promote events on a national level."

If there are no Dentistry from the Heart clinics in your area and you need low cost/free dental help or services beyond what is offered - I suggest calling your states Department of Health, Division of Oral Health, and find out what is available in your community.

I didn't know if I should post this in the FREE forum or not so I put it here. :)


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:cry: I wish I had known earlier... I need all my wisdom teeth taken out... They had one in March near me.
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