Free Swiffer dusters in May


New Member
that was like 'nam. i luckily got through after about 10 minutes of refreshing, at 8:12 it was dead.

that happen to me too... I sat refreshing and refreshing and after 10 mins finally got in to get this freebie... thanks goodness there was 12,500 dusters.. 87,500 more to go

I wonder how many are gonna end up on ebay...


New Member
this was actually 7 my time, missed it was napping, good news there going to have more later on this week, havent reported the time or date as of yet. :)


New Member
the alpha freebiers always jump on the good stuff first. however, i am guessing that your best chance is likely after the 2nd or 3rd time Swiffer goes live with the giveaway, when all the hardcore freebiers and those with multiple accounts have already signed up, and you are racing against less educated freebie hunters that might give up once they repeatedly get, 'page not found,' 'cant load page,' etc.. the rabid demand you saw last night can only lessen.
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