Free subscription to Maxim Magazine-EXPIRED

i guess i didn't pay attention on this one. bumping for buckeye. did you order this buck?

oops lol. didn't know what it was :kekeke: :kekeke:

well i could probably order it for you *cough, choke* and send you the q. but my mail lady might really wonder about me and it's a SMALL town! :rofl:


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Lol just say you read it for the articals

Actually I got a free single issue for my bf about a year ago and when it came he made sure to note that half the pics weren't even revealing. I even thumbed through it and, maybe it was just the issue we got, but I'm sure you could see more on regular TV.

yeah it looked funny when i peeked earlier. now that i'm looking again, i'm thinking it's probably "offer over". it should come around again. the q that some of us were looking for, i hear is also in Details magazine.

they were asking why they couldn't order the place to put the special code. and there is another scanned coupon out there without the bar code blocked. i ain't posting it though. :kekeke:

but now that i think of it..i didn't try putting my cc in first. maybe you have to do that to get to the other place.
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