FREE Salt Movie Offer with purchase


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Buy any of these 56 movies between July 6, 2010 and September 6, 2010 and receive a promotional code which you can redeem for a certificate valid for $10 admission to see the movie Eat Pray Love, Salt, or The Other Guys between July 6, 2010 and October 9, 2010 at participating theaters.


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i think it has to be the ones we need to "check" V

this is a good deal to pass.. still cant decide.. you think its a good movie too?

I wouldn't pass on this one. I would buy Leon for my collection and use the code to see Salt. :h5: I would be killing two :t::t: with one stone. :kekeke:


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I read about this deal from a reader's comment in one of the blog that I follow.. The reader said she bought the DVD at Bestbuy with the movie ticket offer.. good news, Amazon has the same deal.. ticket up to $10

cant decide whether to buy or not.. :t:

I saw $8 DVDs at Target that had stickers advertising one free movie ticket (valued up to $10) with DVD purchase to one of the following three movies: Salt, The Other Guys, or Eat Pray Love. Check it out at Target. It's a great deal if you plan on seeing one of these movies anyway. You can always use the DVD for a Christmas gift if you don't want it yourself!


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overlaps with another promo:

Get $4 worth of eligible movies and TV shows from Amazon Video On Demand after you order your item. Limited to one promotional credit per customer.
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