Free Queen of the Coast Tuna and Tuna salad samples


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:kekeke: The ad copy is interesting at least....."the diplomacy of love", "glory of tuna" - am I supposed to know who this I, Raphael is? He's got an unstable-looking sneer.


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:rofl: From his facebook page - "Amongst his treks and machete-swinging, Raphael studies the indigenous displays of love and affection at each destination. He keeps a detailed record of his love observations and dwells upon them regularly for inspiration."


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This dude is seriously creepy. I'm almost afraid to submit a request because I don't want him showing up at my door, ready to share his love of tuna with me. Maybe I should submit the request under my husband's name, lol!


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I could make a really distasteful joke about Raphael and tuna but I won't do it.:rofl::rofl:

I have to agree with you haydude- I hope this guy doesn't show up at any of our doors.:fingersx:


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Congratulations on accepting my generous offer of free tuna from the The Queen of the Coast. I hate to brag, but it is no secret, it is world famous like me. It is unequaled in character, appearance, and good taste. I must stop here.

Remember to become a fan on my facebook fanpage so that you can receive my love tips and recipes fit for a King or a Queen. Patience is a virtue and it might take 2 weeks to find its way to you. This offer is only good through May 15th, 2010. Share the love and pass the tuna!

I'm not too sure I want love tips from Raphael..I'll take the free tuna though..Raphael loves the tuna :naughty:


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AHHHHHHHH gotta love Raphael, so sure and confident :bowrofl: :bowrofl:

Hello to all the followers of Raphael and new friends of The Queen of the Coast tuna selections. I hope your summer is pleasant and you are enjoying many fine adventures. My summer has been spent with the fishermen of my country. We are fishing very fast to supply you with your free samples.

So many Americans requested the tuna. We had no idea there was such need for excellent tuna in your land. We will be shipping your requests within the month now. Many have already gone out across the nation and I have included some of the responses below:

Thank you for the free Tuna Raphael! I received it 2 days ago. I enjoyed the Tuna Salad with chickpeas it was excellent! ~ Rochelle
Got your tuna today, and promptly made the best tuna sandwich I've ever had. I was impressed, thank you! ~ Christian
Thank you for the wonderful samples of your tuna. I will order from your website. I never knew tuna could taste so good. ~ Laura
I am humbled, but not surprised by the response.

Enjoy this link - - to my Summer Newsletter. It will give you some history on my quest for true love and ideas on how to enjoy the tuna and create delicious meals. This is my gift for you for your patience with me.

In the words of the wonderfully talented Michael Jackson, “Gotta Keep Workin Workin Day and Night” to bring the tuna to you!


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"Due to the overwhelming response to this generous offer from around the country, we will have to reopen this contest when we can fulfill the demand. Check back on Raphael fanpage for more information and a little love coming your way. Remember, embrace your inner tuna daily!"

No tuna for me... oh well.
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