Free Product Testing For Clio Designs Shavers

Pam i Am

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There is nothing more valuable to us than the input, insight, and feedback that we get from our customers…and we'd love to hear from you! Sign up to GET FREE STUFF and from time to time we'll invite you to participate in surveys to determine the best product design, product color, product name, or for feedback on things like advertising and marketing. Your feedback counts - and in exchange for providing it we'd love to also send you some of our hottest new products when they come out that you can keep for yourself or share with you friends and family. We take our relationship with our 'Marketers-at-Large' very seriously, so rest-assured we will never spam you or fill your mailbox at home with junk mail."




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:bigthumb: Thanks.. this will be nice!! Too bad I cant sign up hubby too.. he isnt computer savvy! :xmasgrin: I would love to get free stuff for him! :wiggle:
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