Free nike shoes on tuesday from Doctor Oz


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Ok, got the forum, submitted and then got the same as I did before IE "cannot display the webpage" ... so who knows LOL.


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couldnt even get the form to load oh well but I did hit the amazon motherload today so I just might spend that on some new shoes LOL


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Ugh...i hate his giveaway. I should've known better.
I had 7 tabs open , constantly refreshing because i kept getting error messages. Finally, one of the tabs loads and i fill out the from only to get another error message.:mad:


Doesn't look good. Got the form but when I submitted it I got an error message and never got anything else. I'll keep my false hopes high just in case. Need some trainers even though Nike shoes aren't that great! :fingersx: Still like Dr. Oz!


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Like with any giveaway it is a game of chance and a gamble and if you don't get through, you don't get through :dunno:
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