Free lipstick at Walgreens


Share your health related goal with Walgreens and as a reward you will get one free Revlon Lipstick. This freebie is available to the first 12,000 visitors that share their goal.


New Member
I got mine a couple of days ago. Unfortunately, it was the most hideously unflattering shade of pink that looked horrible on me. Oh well, at least I didn't waste money on it.


Resident House Cat
Glad to hear that they are showing up. I totally forgot about this one! If it is an ugly color then I will give it to my niece for dress up time.

Pam i Am

New Member
i got the chocolate one..but with my fair skin, i think it will look like i ate a fudge-pop if i use


Slightly stoopid Member
I got #745 Raspberry Bite color. It looks pretty good. I expected to get one i didnt want!


New Member
mine was an ugly color too so i took the lipstick and another thing of make up back to walmart and got my husband a nice toolbox for fathers day
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