Free Kahiki chinese food product -coupon

Discussion in 'Free Stuff' started by chris, Oct 22, 2010.

  1. chris

    chris Administrator Staff Member

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  3. xxFinallyxxLoved

    xxFinallyxxLoved Awesome Member

    Ughh Dial up! I can't watch the video.
    I don't know if anyone could, but if you can could someone possibly do it for me? I'd really appreciate it. If so just PM and I will give you my details.
  4. baller41124

    baller41124 New Member

    so i watched it and filled out form but didnt say i was getting a coupon and didnt show up to print???

    To receive your product coupon, please complete the following form. And again, thank you for trying Kahiki Foods!
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  5. e_chan89

    e_chan89 New Member

    snail mail
  6. lauradman

    lauradman New Member

  7. frugalempire

    frugalempire New Member

    Yeah, I saw on another board they got a coupon for free product. (they took a picture of it)
  8. Billie

    Billie Wise Crackin' Mama

    Thanks Chris!! :h5:
  9. KathyinFla

    KathyinFla Secret Society Member

  10. KerryLynn

    KerryLynn New Member

    Thanks! Kahiki makes good stuff!
  11. mommyeiland

    mommyeiland New Member

    Thanks ;-)
  12. baller41124

    baller41124 New Member

    wonder where this is sold???
  13. rissasweetay

    rissasweetay Active Member

    Our WalMart has these.:yum:
  14. sondra1616

    sondra1616 New Member

    free kahiki coupon

    watch the video and get a free coupon for frozen dinner coupon~

    The video is under the first paragraph click on the 2 guys and watch them make a meal and then submit your info.
  15. Pam i Am

    Pam i Am New Member

    on the video, it says sams sells them too...
  16. KathyinFla

    KathyinFla Secret Society Member

    I got mine at Publix last night. They had the entrees on sale $5 each so I thought I would give it a try. I got General Tso's chicken, and it was very tasty and not greasy at all! :yum:
  17. zinmaster

    zinmaster The Collector

    No longer available :(

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