Free Gift from Johnnie Walker


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YAY! got it! I had a physics professor in college (who had the same affect as Ben Stein) who once said, "These tests aren't about what you know, it's about knowing how to take a test...and if you know how to take a test, that is one of the best skills you can take with you into "the real world." Over the years, it's been proven to me that he is right! I wonder what my little something from Johnnie Walker will be??:wiggle:


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I received a single 4 inch by 4 inch cardboard coaster in a very nicely padded envelope. I really don't want to use it since I expect that the moisture from a glass will ruin the Johnnie Walker symbol on the coaster. I had expected a higher quality gift... at least a coaster made out of something more durable.


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Got mine today too. Funny, I was thinking it was bottle labels and hadn't opened it until I saw this thread. It's a thick black coaster with a gold color JW emblem. Pretty nice - I read "a piece of cardboard" and thought it would be something ugly. It's not bad at all! :)


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I got my gift today, too. It was a nice sherry or brandy glass (I always get them confused) with the JW emblem etched into it.
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