Free Country Bobs All Purpose Sauce


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I get the same thing. It says I can't get it because my address is in the database, but I never received this. I recall requesting it, but didn't actually get it. That's pretty annoying!


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I can understand that, but there's 20 locations that sell it within a 20 mile radius. Some of our mail has a habit of walking away, maybe that's what happened to it. :(


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Thanks this was good stuff. I was already in the db once but I picked up a little trick that might work for some of you: Spell out the numbers in your street name, if you've abbreviated st, blvd, ave then try spelling those out too. So 4530 S 8th Ave could be:
4530 South 8th Ave
4530 S 8th Avenue
4530 South 8th Avenue
4530 South Eighth Ave
4530 South Eighth Avenue

And no, that's not my address, just one I pulled outta the air.
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