Free Cottonelle Toilet paper at Walmart


Staff member -write anything for the pledge, put in any email and submit. They'll give you the option to get the $1 print coupon. Walmart has been selling the 4 pack for $1 in their dollar aisle, making them free. Not sure how long this price lasts though


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My Walmarts Cottonelle is not on sale:( (midland, TX)

I went to Walmart in Oddessa and they and the 4-pack for $1 I bought 25. I got my $1 coupons from Albertson's "free sample". I got home and found 6 more I may run back after hubby gets home :jump:


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I put that I pledged to be kind to my behind by not buying anymore John Wayne toilet paper! You know...rough, tough and doesn't take any sh*t off of anyone!:kekeke:
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