Free cookies from Mrs. Fields for referring friends


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I want to do this so bad! I just don't have that many people to send an invite to :(

or we could do like a referral chain.. for example.. the first 3 to post will sign up through chris.. then those three will get sign ups from the next 9 to post and so on.. that way most of the people is happy


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is all they have to do is sign up for an email or do they have to register with a password and all


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I just checked on my referrals progress thing. I know all of them only clicked the link and entered their info. Once they did that, it shows as "confirmed" for me.


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I got 10 so far confirmed, so I am on the prize of:
24 Nibbler® bite-sized cookies,
18 Brownie Bites & 2 frosted
cookies baskets
$27.99 value

I really don't want the cookie 12" Decorated Giant Cookie Cake, so I am hoping I either stay where I am at, or go beyond it.

I really want the 46-55 Referrals
24 Nibblers® bite-sized cookies,
18 Brownie Bites & 24 mini muffin

I doubt I will get that one though lol
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I have 8 referrals right now.

I really like the ones with the baskets. It's so hard to find really nice, but inexpensive baskets... So I'll be very happy if I just get 6-15 gift. After I om-nom-nom all the cookies, I'll save the basket for a gift or something, lol


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I will be curious to see what you guys get. This seems like a lot of great stuff to send out to people just to have e-mail addresses. Almost seems too good to be true - they will be sending out a lot of stuff!
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