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Thanks! :h5:

Let's get to the fun.
Your redemption is complete and now you can get your Reward.
Just follow these instructions so you can get your Reward:

You will receive your cookbook within the next 8-10 weeks, but between now and then you can check the status of your rewards anytime.

Pam i Am

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Really? LoL I had already entered my codes for the week so I didn't have to enter anymore..I figured that was why ..... that's even better if you didn't have to =)

THANKS! Yes, this was TOTALLY FREE! :) You just have to add 3 product points, but it doesn't deduct them from your account!:h5:


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Please help......OK I entered BLACKHISTORY..."The code you entered has already been used, so enter a valid code below..
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I received this this today! I LOVE collecting cookbooks, especially when they're free ;). Time to un-shrinkwrap this baby and see what's in it.:yum::yum:


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I got mine in the mail's smaller than i thought it would be but still very nice for a free cookbook. :h5:
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