Free Benefit’s Crescent Row Fragrance sample at Sephora in JCPenney


READ FIRST!!!!!!!!!!! be careful when you print this, do a print preview first the whole page does not print and it does not do 2 pages either it just cuts off. i did a copy paste of the whole image and pasted it in a word doc and did a print preview and it worked out then i printed, after wasting 3 sheets of paper and ink. :(


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No sephora inside Jc over here :(

Why bother printing it if im just gonna be denied :uh: i think its only valid if sephora is inside JC-let me knoe how your guy's experience was...


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Just a heads up, you can also get a trio of benefit crescent row samples from with your order. You enter promo code SCENTTRIO and you get them free with your order. I just got mine (kinda went on a makeup buying spree * cough *) and the packaging is nice and the scents, though nothing remarkable, are good if you want to try 'em out. The three that you get are Garden of Good and Eva, So hooked on Carmella, and Lookin' to rock Rita.

I don't know if they offer this in regular Sephora stores?
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