Free Baby Carriers (pay shipping only)


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Just received a mailer that I won't be able to use, since my kids are older.

Offer states: Valid for one free baby carrier (value $39) at

It says to share the promo code with a friend, offer good while supplies last. Visit, select any baby carrier you'd like. Enter the promo code 'California' and we will deduct %100 of the cost of the carrier-- all you pay is shipping fees!

These seem to be nice carriers, but shipping does seem to be around $11.95... Still seems like a good deal if you might need a baby sling...


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Thank you! I got one--this will work great for summer:jump: I was able to use it on the gift pack too (sling, matching bracelet, and leg warmers) with no additional shipping charges, so came to $16.95 for everything!
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