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Discussion in 'Free Stuff' started by chris, Apr 27, 2011.

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  3. Cyndie

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    thank you
  5. baller41124

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  6. laurelnev

    laurelnev Active Member

    I just hope we don't get another "Dear John" letter:

    Dear facebook fan. Thanks for pushing our "like count" up so high, if only for a few days. We made sure to take screenshots to send to our advertisers to show how far our reach can go. Unfortunately though, we forgot the internet is inhabited by millions of people, and since we've had this page up for over a year with only 7 likes, we never expected this many responses. We should have put "1st 100" on the offer. Honestly, we really only had 25 to give away. Don't worry, we'll make good use of your e-mail and snail mail info. We're already off selling that. Then we'll skedaddle with the $. Forget actually using a portion of that $ to produce more samples. But because we think you're stupid, we'll offer you $10 off your first order of $100 or more from a company you've never heard of, and who already stiffed you once. Please, give us the opportunity to piss you off a few more times!

    (Of course, this post is tongue in cheek. It is not meant to insult Chris or anything about this forum. It IS intended to dis all of those folks who offer freebies in exchange for your personal info, and then renege, and all of those folks who do not anticipate actually getting a response to an offer of a free product on the net.)
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  7. Cyndie

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  8. Cyndie

    Cyndie Mommie Dearest

    Thanks everyone for the participation! A great response, we've definitely met our fan share! Unfortunately we'll have to stop the giveaway as the response has been so great!

    Copy and paste from their FB wall
  9. Cyndie

    Cyndie Mommie Dearest

    Thanks again everyone and remember to send an e-mail in to be counted! We'll catch the first 1,000 and get a free sample of our products out soon after!
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  10. laurelnev

    laurelnev Active Member

    So I am redeemed...

    Let the back-pedaling and qualifying begin...after the fact...

    Somewhere someone's saying....oh crap...maybe this huge storage thing at Gmail is actually a BAD thing...and how did we manage to fill up a GMAIL box with a puny freebie offer? 17k e-mails to sort through, and counting...who's idea was it to use e-mail and not a facebook app...anyone want to ATTEMPT to match addresses to facebook usernames and likes?


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