Free $5 Footlong at Subway


after reading the details more carefully...its more of a rebate. you gotta go to this site, enter your email and your bank card number or paypal account and any $5 sub that you buy will be refunded within 7 days of your purchase. still notta bad deal...who dont wanna free footlong?! :yum:
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Ryan's Mom

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1. Get your Subway rebate. Connect your card to Offermatic and get a $5 automatic rebate at Subway.
2. Get more personalized offers Offermatic will analyze your purchase history to find you more relevant offers!
3. Save Money 100% free. No coupons or Codes. Just automatic rebates directly to your card.

Not entirely sure how this works, but I searched for experiences with and it seems legit although I'd do some research before signing up. You get offers based on your buying history it seems.
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That's just to much info to be given for a $5 sandwich. If it were like a normal rebate where I could send in the receipt or something like that I might would do it.
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