free $32 nursing cover


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well it is not all the way free but all you do is pay like 9.00 shipping and they will send you them for free if someone has posted this i am sorry i looked but didn't see it like the email said would make great baby gifts. you need the code and the code is PLANNING. i don't think it has to be all caps but just has to be that word. good luck and i hop someone would want one of these

We have made an arrangement with so you can get one nursing cover (regular price $32) free. You just pay the shipping. The code is "planning".


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i posted this a few weeks ago...looks like ppl dont care for this...i so would buy it if i was having a baby n was breast feeding...


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I have used one like this and given some as gifts. Not a bad price. I made on for $3 with a free pattern called hooter hider.
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