Free $25 off $25 Gardens alive coupon


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wonder if the zip code trick works with HI? use your zip, but put a different state in there. It just might come


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ughhh.. they mail them to guam and district of columbia but not hawaii :dunno:

can you have someone in the states forward one for you? If you ordered things like seeds and such it wouldn't be much to re-send a small order if you got them for free.


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i got this in the mail today :) planning on buying a seed kit, just gotta pay a few bucks out of pocket since the shipping is nearly 8 bucks!


Mom to the Max
I received one already at my PO box...I ordered a birdhouse...completely free

I should be getting one at my house too

i don't think i ever got this. got an email for free shipping on $25. and an email $25 off but it was just some semi-discount. :dunno:
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