Free $25 Housewares Deals GC for referring friends

Discussion in 'Free Stuff' started by chris, Jul 6, 2010.

  1. rocksprite

    rocksprite Member

    Thanks for answering!:h5:
  2. zoe26

    zoe26 New Member

    Anyone got this yet. . I hope I did mine right
  3. krissyg89

    krissyg89 New Member

    Well I emailed them again stating that everyone I referred has been showing up as "Confirmed" for at least 3 days now. (They were all confirmed as of that night that this was posted!!)

    This is the response I got back:

  4. Pam i Am

    Pam i Am New Member

    hmmm...(thanks for the information!)
  5. Buckeye80

    Buckeye80 New Member

    I'm sending them hate mail if i don't get this soon.
  6. krissyg89

    krissyg89 New Member

    Hate mail? That's a little extreme.....
  7. Buckeye80

    Buckeye80 New Member

    Just joking, but i will send them a message.
  8. Robyn

    Robyn Member

    anyone get it yet?
  9. Pam i Am

    Pam i Am New Member

    here is the info for this company
    it is on a dedicated server and has maintained the same physical address over the may just be a very small company or have other 'issues' which may make the shopping experience a little more difficult
  10. krissyg89

    krissyg89 New Member

    I got it after emailing them. Sadly, though, even though I referred 20 people, which should have given me $50, they only gave me a $25 code.

    But it's better than nothing. My fiance really wants to get that Cuisinart block set on the 17th
  11. sarahjane0721

    sarahjane0721 New Member

    I just emailed them myself. I had alot of people sign up for this.. Hope I getmy GIft Card....
  12. sarahjane0721

    sarahjane0721 New Member

    I got my $25 Gift Card Today!!!
  13. Amoeba

    Amoeba New Member

    Does this come by eMail or is it listed on the site or what?
  14. Kamaree

    Kamaree Active Member

    Why is everyone having to e-mail them to get it? They should send it out once the referrals sign up for the newsletter.
  15. krissyg89

    krissyg89 New Member

    I emailed them first to ask when I can hope to receive it, and they replied that it should arrive within 3 days after all the referrals are confirmed. Well I waited another full day after the 3 days, and I still didn't have anything. When I emailed them again is when I got it.

    But they told me that because they are still pretty new, their system is kinda glitchy... Or they said something like that.
  16. Lily2614

    Lily2614 Mom to the Max

    i just emailed them so hopefully I get mine soon
  17. Mishie

    Mishie Friendly Member

    I just emailed them also. I also mentioned that at the time I referred people, it said there was no limit how much you can earn. It still said that when all my referrals were confirmed. But it now says limit one per account. We'll see what they have to say about that.
  18. auntcrystal77

    auntcrystal77 New Member

    when people sent emails did u use the cotact us form and did it show u sent it or what-i sent one and clicked submit and it still stays on that page so im not sure if they will get it or not
  19. krissyg89

    krissyg89 New Member

    Oh yeah that "contact us" page didn't work for me. I sent them a personal email
  20. auntcrystal77

    auntcrystal77 New Member

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