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Discussion in 'Free Stuff' started by Niki, Dec 18, 2009.

  1. Niki

    Niki Member

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  3. Sweetie112

    Sweetie112 New Member

  4. Moderator

    Oh no! You're too late! We only give away 500 free gift cards each day and they go quick!

    Come back tomorrow at 12 o'clock (noon) Eastern!
  5. mjackett

    mjackett New Member

    ohh gottaa check this one out tomorrow!!!
  6. Jadedmonkey

    Jadedmonkey Active Member

    got it, no credit card info needed!!!!!
  7. CavzGirl2

    CavzGirl2 Still a Cavs fan

    Me too :jump:
  8. Angel

    Angel New Member

    Oh no! You're too late! We only give away 500 free gift cards each day and they go quick!

    Come back tomorrow at 12 o'clock (noon) Eastern
  9. Cyndie

    Cyndie Mommie Dearest

    got my gift card with this announcement!!

    Please keep in mind there is a limit of one free gift card per customer or household. This also applies to purchases. We're not giving away the whole cake, just a taste.


  10. marioswifey

    marioswifey tattoo loving member

    got mine too i ordered somethign cheap enought that the gift card covered the whole order even shipping woot woot!!
  11. Jadedmonkey

    Jadedmonkey Active Member

  12. Rileyxrsmom

    Rileyxrsmom freebie freak

    expired for today. hopefully i remember this one for tomarow
  13. Kamaree

    Kamaree Active Member

    I just signed up and received one. :)

    Still haven't received the e-mail with the code. Received an email that says my order will ship soon.

    ETA: Just received the GC code.

    Thanks for the link :)
  14. dolphindreams

    dolphindreams New Member

    i managed to snag one today! thanks!
  15. jenniferclay

    jenniferclay Mrs. Jack Sparrow member

    :doh: im always 2 late
  16. VivaLa$herry

    VivaLa$herry Chillin Member

    Woop woop I got 2 :kekeke:
    anyone know how much shipping is?
  17. Rileyxrsmom

    Rileyxrsmom freebie freak

    i missed it again argh
  18. wendimj

    wendimj New Member

    3-10 day shipping is $5 so you can order anything for $20 or less for free without even giving a credit card :)
  19. VivaLa$herry

    VivaLa$herry Chillin Member

    Thank you :)
  20. wendimj

    wendimj New Member

    You're Welcome. There isn't a whole lot on there for $20 even, but there is some stuff you can find for less than that. There were 2 things that I saw that were $10 so you could get 2 of those and still get them free. One of them was "Hard Core Playing Cards" (for those special men in your life :kekeke:)
  21. VivaLa$herry

    VivaLa$herry Chillin Member

    FYI I tried to see if you could double stack them you cant and if you try they will CXL one of them :kekeke: so I am down to one :kekeke: I will try tomorrow :drool:

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