Free 24 ct. case of Enfamil premium newborn -call in

Discussion in 'Free Stuff' started by chris, Jan 14, 2011.

  1. stacyycats

    stacyycats New Member

    I got the auto-system, hopefully it works out, i know a pregnancy center for less-fortunate moms that would love these
  2. freefree

    freefree Member

    oh i did not see photo but still great:jump: how long will that last for a baby?
  3. freefree

    freefree Member

  4. lezanne34

    lezanne34 Well-Known Member

    my baby is almost 9 months and if its the 2 oz. bottles it will last him 2 days maybe 2 1/2 days but hey thats awesome for being free!
  5. AlleeToler

    AlleeToler New Member

    I got the Enfamil yesterday morning. It wasn't even a 24ct, it was a 48ct!

    This morning it was donated to my local food pantry. They were ecstatic!
  6. twin36a

    twin36a Active Member

    I got mine today next week it will be going to a minmum security female prison that has a nursery. They always need baby food and diapers
  7. hippiekrystal

    hippiekrystal New Member

    Got mine today as well! will be giving it to my friend who just had a baby

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