Free 1GB Creative Zen MP3 player

Discussion in 'Free Stuff' started by chris, Jul 7, 2010.

  1. chris

    chris Administrator Staff Member

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  3. Lily2614

    Lily2614 Mom to the Max

    thanks that was easy!!!
  4. CavzGirl2

    CavzGirl2 Still a Cavs fan

    My daughter thanks you :rofl:
  5. Lily2614

    Lily2614 Mom to the Max

    you just email them through your regular email right?? not facebook?
  6. Cyndie

    Cyndie Mommie Dearest
  7. Piplicious

    Piplicious New Member

    Thanks Chris! I always love talking about concert stories.
  8. Pam i Am

    Pam i Am New Member

    Napster Update From Facebook: "Due to the massive turnout, EWW closed at 2:08PM (PST). We shut down for a tiny bit while we organize. Thanks!

    We would like to answer a few questions:
    Q: Did you delete my post?
    A: No posts have been deleted! Check comments and threads!
    Q: I put the wrong subject line in my email, am I disqualified?
    A: Nope! The subject line was to make our lives easier, you are all set!"

  9. lilliesmommy

    lilliesmommy New Member

    I got a conformation e-mail for this just now.
  10. Pam i Am

    Pam i Am New Member

    Got this in the mail yesterday!!! it's really nice!...can't beat the price! "FREE99"!
  11. got mine today!!! :jump::wiggle:
  12. xxFinallyxxLoved

    xxFinallyxxLoved Awesome Member

    Just got an email saying it is being shipped! woot woot, Didn't think I was getting one :D
  13. Cyndie

    Cyndie Mommie Dearest

  14. baller41124

    baller41124 New Member

    ok i emailed them can i still get one
  15. krissyg89

    krissyg89 New Member

    :eek3: So I did this one for my fiance, but because of the rules I didn't think he'd get it. HE DID!! :bowdown: I got a shipment email!!
  16. Dev850

    Dev850 New Member

    I can't find any info about what the email should say. Can anyone tell me? It's probably too late anyhow.
  17. Kamaree

    Kamaree Active Member

    Yeah, it's too late to sign up for it :)

    I received confirmation that both mine and hubby's have been shipped! :jump:

    Thanks, Chris! :v:
  18. Sweetie112

    Sweetie112 New Member

    Oh gah I hope I got it too but i havent been looking for ny emails!:((
  19. Sweetie112

    Sweetie112 New Member

    did you have to confirm?

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