Free 100GB of Mobile Data/Year + Mobile Hotspot for Eligible Families/Students from T-mobile

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    T-Mobile Project 10 Million (Working to Connect Every Student) and offering 100GB of Mobile Data/Year + Mobile Hotspot (& opportunity to purchase select devices at a low price) for Free valid for Eligible Families/Studentsw/o Internet Connection and are enrolled in the National School Lunch Program for 5-Years time span listed

    Includes (5-Years Time Span)
    • 100GB Mobile Data per Year
    • Mobile Hotspot
    • Opportunity to Purchase Select Devices at a low cost (at a T-Mobile Retail Store)
      • Coolpad Tasker Tablet
      • Samsung Chromebook 4
      • Lenovo 100e Chromebook
      • Lenovo 100e Windows PC
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