Free 1/2 Gallon 8th Continent Soy Milk


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Not sure if this should go here or rebates. Mail any UPC from any brand soymilk to the address privided and you will be mailed a coupon for a free half gallon of 8th continent soy milk. You will also get a code to enter to win 8 months of FREE soymilk. If anyone mentions you referred them, you get another coupon sent to you for everyone that you refer.

I sent mine out this morning so i will let you know how quick I getmy coupon.

If you plan on doing this, maybe PM me and I can give you my user name if you don't mind. My kids can't have dairy so we are a soy house and with hubby laid off I could use all the coupons I could get.:fingersx:


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Yes this would go in the hot deals ("rebates & stuff") forum, ... not free stuff - because you actually have to buy the milk to get the UPC to mail in for the coupon. LOL, but no worries, sometimes I make posts and am not sure I am putting them in the right place either. :kekeke:

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