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Discussion in 'Hot Deals' started by webhunting.info, Jul 18, 2010.

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    http://www.swimsuitsforall.com/sear...t_by_field=Price:ASC&keywords=flip flops&y=13

    Alright, I had to do an updated post on the SwimsuitsForAll.com deal I posted earlier! Thanks to an anonymous reader for leaving a comment on my previous post about cheap flip flops, I went and checked it out for myself. All these flip flops here are priced at ONLY $1.29– down from $8! Plus, remember that you can use coupon code 30OFF (30% off) and stack with code 10OFF (10% off) + SHIPITFREE to score FREE shipping… so as you can imagine, you can snatch up some REALLY inexpensive flip flops! After all codes, you’ll pay ONLY $0.77 for each pair of flip flops shipped right to your door! Hurry– I’m guessing sizes and styles will sell out quickly!

    edit! it looks like that 30% off was good for only three hours. likely expired.
    edit again! this chat agent is saying one code per order. shoot!

    Automated Chat Agent Says: Thank you for visiting SwimsuitsForAll.com. I am an automated chat representative authorized to offer you 8% OFF your purchase today! CLICK HERE and enter coupon code up8 at checkout to receive this offer!

    Please note that only one coupon may be used for your order today. Coupon can not be combined.
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  3. Kristin

    Kristin Witty Wonderwoman

    Scored 4 pair for less than $5 and free shipping, Thanks Alice :h5:
  4. sarahjane0721

    sarahjane0721 New Member

    Sweet got me some flip flops as well before I head out SHopping... Thank You

    FREETOWIN New Member

    sweet! I hope no one wears socks with their flip flops.
  6. t♂ph

    t♂ph The Dreamer

  7. Piplicious

    Piplicious New Member

    Socks + sandals = super tacky
  8. fairiegrrl

    fairiegrrl mellow member

    thanx this is great i got a few pairs and used my $10 visa gift card i got in the mail to pay for it!!
  9. Kristin

    Kristin Witty Wonderwoman


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  10. webhunting.info

    webhunting.info Moderator

    :rofl: lovely!
  11. t♂ph

    t♂ph The Dreamer

    :O this is my get up at home during the winter season :h:
  12. Smiling Princess

    Smiling Princess Active Member

    Got my shipping confirmation today :bigthumb:

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