Fashion Playtes $20 gift code= FREE


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I opted for the $25.00 gift card to see if the code would go through, then just decided to purchase that super quick....before anything happened. The code was applied and just use the code given on the actual gift card sent to you by email during check out when you make the shirt.
Mine is a gift for my niece so I printed out the gift card....don't know if she'd be too knocked out by something I picked for her :)


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I know, the code is put at the bottom after all the other info is put!
A bummer when you just want to know if it will take...


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I never had to enter any cc info as my order total was $0.00. That was what the site "told" me!!


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But I have to pay $5 for it still right? I was just hoping to get the free item, I really don't have the $5 to spend on this gift, but would take for a gift if it was free. Just as I don't know as many girls to gift, but would help my friend out for her daughter.


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Bzz agent has an offer on the main page where bzz agents get $15 off a $25 gift card at fashion playtes, if anyone is interested.
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