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  1. getfree

    getfree New Member

    I just found this and Everyday Minerals offers a free sample kit of mineral makeup. I’ve gotten it 2 times so far to use as gifts The sample kit comes with three sample pots of foundation, one sample pot of blush, and one sample pot of concealer. You only pay for shipping! I paid $3.13. You have to do it one at a time to get more than one kit though:(

    To check them out, follow these steps:

    1. Go to EverydayMinerals.com and click on makeup.
    2. Choose Custom Kits.
    3. Scroll down to Sample kit. Click Add to Cart.
    4. Go back to the top and select Makeup–Base.
    5. Scroll through the shades and select your favorite. To add to your cart, don’t do it by clicking on the item and adding it to the cart–you’ll pay full price. Instead, click on the small version down on the page (not in the top highlight) and drag it to the Shopping cart in the righthand column, middle of the page. This is how you select all of your samples.
    6. When all samples are in your cart, click Check Out. No codes needed!
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    PICKELFIEND12 New Member

    Found this, didn't see anyone mention it..

    And the winner is....
    ALL OF US!
    Introducing your new Red/Green Carpet Special
    In celebration of the Golden Globes and our quest for "All-Natural Red Carpet Beauty" we are showing a premiere all our own -- in fact it is an Everyday Minerals DOUBLE FEATURE!

    Enter “goldenglobes†into the specials window and receive 9% off your order.

    *And all orders over $25 (minus shipping, taxes, and after discount) receive these two luxurious, sample-sized nominees:
    Matinee Eye Shadow - a beautiful metallic lilac to pink shade great for days that turn into evenings!
    After Party Eye Shadow - a gorgeous neutral for all occasions; especially those simple celebrations :)
    Let's celebrate our favorite celebrities and create our own Everyday Minerals Red Carpet looks!
    xxxxoooo, Carina
  4. lilwecky

    lilwecky New Member

    I ordered one! I just got a panel payment from pinecone so I had $3.00 sitting in my paypal account Woohoo!
  5. Karen

    Karen Persevering Member

    It sounds great and I have $ in my PayPal account too! I love this site and the money I get from it!!!!!! :bigthumb:

    Thanks Chris!:kiss:
  6. angel3980

    angel3980 New Member

    I got my samples of this today! really fast delivery and cute samples...all the colors are ones i can't wear though...was pretty hard to know what colors to choose from online.
  7. lilwecky

    lilwecky New Member

    awwwww...that sucks angel! Now I'm nervous!!!!! I'm super fair though so hopefully I picked mine right.
  8. kkrimmer

    kkrimmer New Member

    I got mine in the mail today. I think I'm going to be really happy with it. I paid like $60 for a sample pack like this from BareMinerals, which I now use because it helps keep my troubled complexion clear... only foundation is $25 every few months. This is going to be a TON cheaper if it works out. Completely worth the $3.
  9. getfree

    getfree New Member

    Half the people I know are getting this for Christmas and birthdays! :kekeke: It's cheap but really good quality stuff.
  10. kkrimmer

    kkrimmer New Member

    I used mine today, and it's awesome. The coverage I get is great, I LOVE that the foundation has different coverage levels. I think I want to get another sample, though, maybe get darker shades to mix in during the summer. We'll see about keeping my complexion clear though, but it seems to feel the same as BareMinerals... except a WHOLE LOT cheaper.

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