Bridal Registry Information


Just Ducky
Hi, since I know that with all of the things we have had to add to our registries, I decided to contact the companies to see what they actually required.. so here it is: (page is just the page with their merchandise)

All Clad : still waiting
Breville : nothing.. just the form you fill out
Analon : page
Circulon : page
Ginkgo : 1st page of registry with your reg # & page
Henckels : 1st page & page
Mikasa : page
Nautica : they said entire registry.. don't know why though
Oneida : page
Orrefors: unable to contact
Pfaltzgraff : page
Royal Daulton : page
Sasaki : no info
Shun : page
Yamazaki : page

I hope this helps those of you who haven't filled it out yet. If you call BB&B they will send you copies of your registry.. just tell them how many copies you want!
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