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Monday thru Friday bookrenter will post a new question on facebook Tiki Trivia and if you answer it correctly you are entered to win a prize or some days you instantly win.


The answer is:

D - Bookrenter Mike

I will try to post the answer each day.

So far I have won 3 T-shirts, a water bottle, a highlighter pen, a bookmark and a chance at a "beer pong table" that I have no use for although I do have friends it would make a good gift for.


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I went to college for awhile.

What I do is just put in my High school.

I just put down "Morgan", not Morgan High and I put down I'm a senior because thats what I was the last time I was there.


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Chance to win 1 of 100 bookmarks.

Question - Where is Bookrenter's headquarters?

Answer - San Fransisco Bay Area


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Your weclome Kathann.

I'm going to try to post the correct answer everyday, unless of course I get it wrong and then I'll post my wrong answer so it narrows it down a little for people.

Have a great day!


Really appreciate the help. I am doing this for my daughter who is in college in North Carolina. Already won a t-shirt for her. She thinks I am


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Chance to win 1 of 25 Bookrenter water bottles (They look very nice)

Question - What is the World's most populated city?

WRONG Answer - Los Angeles, CA :uh:

If someone else gets it right could you please let me know, it's killing me. :run:


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Tokyo is the right answer, hmmm i dont think it's the most populated city...they have the lowest growth in population.. :confused:
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You can always log in and read the question then go and google it and then come back and play. I've done that and it works. I won a t-shirt too but have yet to receive it.
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