Blair free shipping wyb four items ends 2/28


Worker Bee
Cool! I've not done blair yet. I'll have to log in during lunch (instead of now -- when I'm supposed to be working). :nono:

I wish they had the t-strap tennies (2.99) in 10 instead of 11. That would have been a score! Not that I looked...:kekeke:

lol. of course you didn't look. :) i think blair has been geared to older people. (we're not old, are we? :kekeke: ) and it isn't the highest quality stuff but it's usually plenty good enough. i've gotten thermal lined curtains (short ones) for a few bucks and free shipping and they REALLY help keep the heat in the house. my windows suck. bought a new pots and pans set late last year for $40 and free shipping (it's still there). haven't opened the box yet. too busy shopping to cook!
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