**ADULT ITEMS** "Adam & Eve" HOT DEAL 50% OFF + Free Shipping + 3 Free Gifts

Discussion in 'Hot Deals' started by StayC, Apr 15, 2010.

  1. StayC

    StayC New Member

    Iv never used google chrome but if it lets you browse in private that will work with out having to clear your cookies also just google "clear cookies in google chrome" and it says this

    1.Click the Tools menu.
    2.Select Options.
    3.Click the Under the Hood tab.
    4.Click Content settings in the "Privacy" section.
    5.On the "Cookies" tab, click Show cookies and other site data.
    ◦To delete all cookies, click Remove all.
    ◦To delete a specific cookie, select the site that issued the cookie, then the cookie, and click Remove.
    6.Click Close for the Cookies and Other Data dialog when you're done.
    7.If you want Google Chrome to automatically delete cookies when you exit the browser, select the "Clear cookies and other site data when I close my browser" checkbox in the Content Settings dialog.
    8.Click Close for the Content Settings dialog when you're done.
  2. go_go_girl112586

    go_go_girl112586 New Member

    lol ok i did it. will the codes work for you?
  3. go_go_girl112586

    go_go_girl112586 New Member

    when i did it not logged in it worked but when i log in it wont apply it.
  4. go_go_girl112586

    go_go_girl112586 New Member

    oh i see. lol yeah i tried it with different email and it worked. i used that code 5 times under my account. says all of it was shipped tho so i should be good.
  5. StayC

    StayC New Member

    haha awesome I love A&E they have allot of good stuff. Im glad the new account worked.
  6. annaisabanana08

    annaisabanana08 New Member

    Got mine the other day. Thanks Sarah! Wouldn't be possible without her. :)

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  7. MeShA

    MeShA Ran Ragged Mama

    They are doing it again! I just saw a code on tv. I ordered and it worked. Use code sexy19 at checkout for 50% off one item, free shipping, and 2 free gifts!
  8. krissyg89

    krissyg89 New Member

    "Thank you for entering source code, sexy19. You will see the following added to your order in checkout process:

    Take 50% off 1 item!
    Free Standard Shipping on US orders!
    Free Standard Shipping on US orders!

    Automatic Gifts:
    Mystery Gift
    Bree's Xxx Triple Feature"

    :bigthumb: :kekeke:
  9. MeShA

    MeShA Ran Ragged Mama


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