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    These weren't free so I didn't want to post them in the free stuff category and I guess you could consider google checkout an instant rebate so. here's some good deals for $.99 if they are cheaper than that I will let you know

    CAT5e SNG/SHD PATCH CABLE M/RJ45M - A3L791-25-H-S (network cable)
    actually only $.38

    HP Everyday Semi-gloss Photo Paper-Lette - Q5498A
    this one is only $.49

    Belkin SurgeMaster Home Series - Surge suppressor - external - 6 output connector(s) - F9H620-CW

    Belkin High Performance Patch Cable - 14 ft - A3L980-14-BLK-S(cat6 cable)

    Belkin USB Sync Charger USB Cable with Car Charge Adapter - F8P0100
    This one is pretty cool, it says it's a cable for the Tungsten E handheld. Only thing is, it comes with a Car Charger to USB adapter... I know some
    products you have to charge using a usb cable this will allow you to do it
    in your car.

    Belkin Cable Kit with Adapters - 16 USB Cable - ME-F3U900-16
    If you get this and the Car Charger adapter above, and your cellphone has a mini-usb on the charger (most motorola do) you should be able to use this cable and the adapter to charge your phone. Essentially a car charger for $1.98

    CTA Digital PS-GR Psp Grip
    Makes your PSP feel like a playstation controller

    That's all for now, I'll be searching for more later. Pretty good deals if you need some of these things.
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