6-Months free @ Jet.com

Stephanie Powley

New Member
Soooo, Jet.com is the newest members-only online marketplace. Created by the same guy who made diapers.com and sold that to Amazon for $550 mil. They are making promises to save customers 10% to 15% on everything they buy online. It doesn’t matter where else you can find it — Amazon included — Jet guarantees a lower price. Right now you can get early access and 6-months free by clicking on the link and putting your email in (it's going to cost $50 per year at live launch). Sorry if this isn't allowed. Just doing my part to help everyone save some $!

Click here for the 6-Months FREE

Here's a Buzzfeed article about it: http://www.buzzfeed.com/sapna/jet-wants-to-be-the-cheapest#.waWOnKLNeo
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