$.50 off per Gallon at Shell Stations

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    Link your Fuel Rewards Account to your Stop & Shop Account and Get 25 cents off per Gallon

    -This 25 cents off per gallon promotion by linking your accounts can be combined with any other savings you already have linked in your Fuel Rewards Account such as from the T-Mobile offer and/or the 5 cents off per gallon for having Gold Status, and any other savings you have.

    -If you do not have a Stop & Shop online account or don't even have that supermarket near you, you can still just sign up for a free online account and get this deal by linking your Fuel Rewards account. Once both accounts are linked, the savings/promotion will show up in your Fuel Rewards account instantly.

    1) Sign in to your existing Stop and Shop account or sign up if you don't have one.
    2) After you log in, go to link below, scroll down, and click on "Get Started" under the Fuel Rewards Program.
    3) Once you click on Get Started, it brings you to a new page. You can create a fuel rewards account for yourself if you don't already have one. If you have one and want this promotional savings to be added to a certain account, press on log in and enter your fuel rewards account email/password and then log in.
    4) Your accounts should finally now be linked and the 25 cents off per gallon offer should be instantly added to your fuel rewards account and you can confirm by checking your account.

    You can double dip on this offer and get another 25 cents off per gallon for a total of 50 cents off a gallon.
    Make another account with Giant Food Supermarket and follow the same steps above since both supermarkets are affiliated. Just sign up for a Giant Food online account at link below:
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