Discussion in 'Hot Deals' started by helobuff, Dec 11, 2010.

  1. intltraveler

    intltraveler New Member

    I made one order with onestopplus. Just checked the status on their site & it said I need to contact them about the order. Needless to say I'm not going to bother.
  2. we3kings

    we3kings relentless member

    I just checked mine and it says the same thing.
  3. Alicia

    Alicia New Member

    I called them and all 3 of my orders were cxl. Asked why and was told promo code no good. Asked me where I got code and said a friend and was told that is why cxl. Told them they should have at least informed me and was told, yes should have got an email so unless the code was emailed to you your orders will be cxl.
  4. helobuff

    helobuff New Member

    I feel so bad.. I posted this deal..:sadwavey: I had no idea where the code came from or I would have said so.. I just grabbed it from another forum where they were going nuts on it.. I tried one order and it worked so I posted it.. I thought it was a legit code :uh: sorry everyone..
    They cancelled my twelve orders too.. :cry:
  5. hollysaurusrawr

    hollysaurusrawr New Member

    Well I just hope they realize how many customers they have lost because of this.
  6. mancubsmommy

    mancubsmommy New Member

  7. nitadawn

    nitadawn New Member

    Well I still got a good deal, with the code, and my item they said has shipped, I got that snuggie blanket for my Dad who is 76 for only 8.00. I know it is frustrating when we hope to get them at cheap, cheap, but it was alot better then the store price!
  8. Kamaree

    Kamaree Active Member

    I didn't get a thing.. My orders were canceled! I'm disappointed because I really wanted this bag set! http://www.onestopplus.com/clothing...=22229&ProductTypeId=1&PurchaseType=G&pref=ps

    It's on sale for cheap, and I could still get it.. BUT I am not going to order from a company who does not honor their coupon codes.. That coupon should NOT have worked if it wasn't meant to be used.. It didn't work for the home items, so why would it work for everything else..
  9. intltraveler

    intltraveler New Member

    Helobuff-as previous poster said don't feel bad. You would think if the code goes through during the checkout process that it is legit.
  10. sexycaddy

    sexycaddy New Member

    I called them and asked if I was going to get my order or not...told them there were four orders on my credit card, for four different people but I was the only one with a card and let my daughter-in-law, etc use mine. The girl I spoke to assured me I would get my orders. I straight out asked if they had been canceled--she said no, they would ship on Mon. 12/20. I told her I neeeded to know, these were Christmas gifts and I needed to tell the others so they could do something else...lets see if she was telling the truth or not!
  11. scmommy

    scmommy New Member

    I have 5 orders... 3 say "in process" (have shipped) so we'll see. The other 2 state call us. I'm hoping I get the comforter at least... very bad month for us and I need that for my sons... their blanket is old and falling apart.
  12. helobuff

    helobuff New Member

    :hug: Thank you.. I just feel aweful about this.. all our effort and for nothing!:uh: Took me hours to find things people would like, at the price and size! You would think they would honor them since its their faullt the code even went thru..

    I am so glad some people are at least getting things thru this.. another time if year I would say oh well it was worth a shot, but this is Christmastime and people were depending on this for gifts :uh::run: Thats why I feel so bad.. that and they didnt even email me people.. they just left them as is.. no notice at all.. what kind of a way to do business is that? At least they could have emailed and said that the code was not going to be honored and orders would be cancelled. :mad:
  13. helobuff

    helobuff New Member

    :uh: I hope you get them.. :fingersx:
  14. sexycaddy

    sexycaddy New Member

    well, my orders also said to call them, and they were also canceled :cry::cry::cry::cry:.
    as many of you have commented, the least they could have done was just put canceled on the stupid account page. now i really have to scramble to find gifts to replace the ones i won't be getting!! a very lousy way to conduct business, and also pretty stupid! if they would have simply told people that "although this isn't actually a valid coupon, since the order did go through, we will honor it" think of how much return business they would be getting for their lousy $5 per order!! of course, it wasn't their fault, it was Chadwicks, and they gave me the number to call so they could 'ok' my order!
    but that's ok,think of all the business they won't be getting!
  15. hollysaurusrawr

    hollysaurusrawr New Member

    I got a postcard from Chadwick's in the mail today saying that I will not be getting my slippers because they are out.
  16. Lily2614

    Lily2614 Mom to the Max

    I got one of my orders today (the purple blanket)..my slippers were canceled though
  17. Jrnutt88

    Jrnutt88 New Member

    I just called them they told me the orders were cancelled even though they charged me they refused to refund my money told me to call my bank and dispute the charges. So I told them how much they sucked and I gave the guy what for n hung up.
  18. momofbee

    momofbee Senior Member

    Oh, that stinks!! I need to check my account and see if they refunded my money....
  19. Jadedmonkey

    Jadedmonkey Active Member

    I'm sure the bbb would find that to be theft, if they are not gonna send items then they need to refund money!
  20. Kamaree

    Kamaree Active Member

    They had put the charges on my card also, but they stayed in the pending charges until they canceled, then the charges disappeared. When they disappeared that's when I knew they canceled.

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