$5 Gift Card for trying on "pantfits" at Talbots? Can you Get Anything there for $5?


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:eek3: Wow, even on their website, their "cheapest" earrings cost $20... so most likely near that or the same in-store, but ya never know ... there could be a clearance on something...


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Okay, the graphics were blocked so now I can see thati "pantfits" are actually pants (I think so anyway, sort of seems like a weird name for pants).

I bet these gift cards would SELL on ebay lol!

flicker (newbie :jump:)


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i used to work for them...and even their socks are higher priced...sometimes around christmas, they have socks for $9 so that would make them $4....


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ya notice how it says savings card.. talbots has some nice stuff i shop there sometimes.

thanks for pointing this out :bigthumb:


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The talbots here has great sales!

But I'm not sure you could find something for $5 even then....
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