$25 GC for restaurant.com for $2!


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I got this in an email from mypoints. I don't know if you have to be a member of mypoints to use it or not. But for those of you who have restaurants on this site in your area, this is a REALLY GREAT DEAL! (There are no restaurants in my Mom's area, so I can't use it :sadwavey:). It expires Dec. 25 (Christmas Day) so hurry!

80% off Restaurant.com Gift Certificates
Posted on Fri Dec 18 07:34:29 PST 2009

Restaurant.com takes 80% off all their dining gift certificates via code SANTA through 12/25. This means $25 gift certificates, which normally sell for $10, are now $2.



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Looks like they are also still doing the "Feed It Forward" thing, so that's another $10 for free! And you can send up to 30 of them per day. I don't think they'll be doing this for much longer though.


I just got really excited then realized there aren't any near me. I might get some for my inlaws though...hmm.


you have to pick a restaurant from their list and then order the cert. for that restaurant. it's all done via email/on-line and then you print the certificate and take it to the restaurant. that "cheer" code also comes with a free $10 cert. with every order.
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