$20 off $20 or More + FREE Shipping at Swirl.com

Discussion in 'Hot Deals' started by sunedaz77, Dec 31, 2010.

  1. sunedaz77

    sunedaz77 New Member

    1.) Register Here or Login First https://www.swirl.com/register.ep

    2.) Look for item(s) over $20 you want to buy and add to your cart (Codes can be used on Holiday shop items as well as Sale event items)

    3.) Click on checkout

    4.) Add promo code WELCOME1 (This code is for a $20 off $20 purchase)

    5.) Once the code is applied, do not click on checkout , click on the Swirl logo on the top left side , this will take you back to the homepage

    6.) Now click on checkout again and this time you will be able to add one more code.

    7.) Add code SWIRLST for free shipping

    8.) Enter your shipping details, Credit Card info and checkout

    The WELCOME1 code is supposed to be 20 off 20 code but if your total with free shipping comes to zero, it does not seem to work. So your total may need to be $1 or more depending on what you purchase.

    This only works in IE, it doesn’t work in Firefox for some reason. Also your total has to be $20 or more for this to work.
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  3. brighten27

    brighten27 New Member

    THANK YOU! I bought 2 of the Mr. Food Face Plates with shipping my total price was only $6.00 : )
  4. Stormy Weather

    Stormy Weather New Member

    Thanks! :wavey:

    Most of the cheaper things were "in somebody's bag" and therefore unavailable but I managed to get the $24 set of home sachets for only $4 shipped.
  5. twin36a

    twin36a Active Member

    I found something for $20 and it came up to $0 with the codes and it said it couldnt be processed
  6. zafflower

    zafflower New Member

    on IE it won't even let me log in, on chrome I can't put it another code!
  7. CareBear101

    CareBear101 Generous Member

    That is what happened to me. :sadwavey:
  8. xxFinallyxxLoved

    xxFinallyxxLoved Awesome Member

    Do they accept paypal?
  9. MarleesMommy

    MarleesMommy New Member

    When I click the logo and then go back to check out it doesn't allow me to put in another code?
  10. maggie6872

    maggie6872 New Member

    Tried several times for $20 items, but did not work. I would suggest a single item with value of $21 or more or total value more than $21 (eg one item @ $13 and another @ $9--that works).

    They do not take paypal.
  11. Josie101

    Josie101 New Member

    I tried to place items in my cart repeatedly but it kept telling me that it was already in someone else's cart.I got irritated & just gave up...not worth the agro.
  12. bettyjomama

    bettyjomama New Member

    it isn't allowing me to enter second code, still got a cute dress for $9...thanks.
  13. CarrieL1125

    CarrieL1125 New Member

    I got an email saying my order shipped already, awesome!
  14. Stormy Weather

    Stormy Weather New Member

    I did not get an e-mail saying it was shipped, so I figured it was a lost deal.

    However, imagine my surprise when my order arrived today! The scent of the sachets is so strong, I can smell it through the shipping bag.

    I was a little concerned with the order summary enclosed in the shipment -- while it does say I received free shipping due to the first coupon code, it says nothing about the second $20 off coupon code and lists my order as being $24. However, when I checked my credit card statement on-line just now, they charged me $4 for the order.

  15. CarrieL1125

    CarrieL1125 New Member

    Mine came yesterday and the invoice said the same thing; my card was only charged $6 though. Not bad for 2 shirts :hs:

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