125 Free Disney Movie rewards points this month


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how long have you had the codes.I have had some older expired ones that i emailed to disney movie rewards and told them that i had just purchased the movie and got my points for the movie.


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I finally read through the site and there are only four or five valid Disney movies that you get points for right now. Up, Santa Buddies, Tinkerbell, Snow White and another one.

I would think any Disney movie you buy for a Christmas gift should have the special code/flyer inside so you can earn movie points!

P.S. (I hope my sister doesn't mind that I opened up the gifts for her daughter to use the movie codes, and the UPC code for rebates. Now she can't return it! Just kidding, she won't care.)


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I really appreciate you posting the link to all of those eligible Disney movies.

I've been to that site about a dozen times to add points, etc. and I always see the same four or five movies listed.

Mea culpa. :bowdown:
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