$10 savemore.com credit


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$10 savemore.com credit for current subscribers

From your savemore email sent to your inbox, if you click on "unsubscribe" on bottom. It should bring you up a link of savemore.com with stay subscribed with us and get $10.

If you have any remaining credit as I did, you will need to do this 2x.
First time, you will not get $10 stay with us credit, instead you will be told that you will lose the remaining balance amt in your acct.
After you agree to unsubscribe, go back to the email and unsubscribe again. This will now bring up the $10 stay with us credit.
I lose $2.50 but I get $10 back, so good deal to me :)

Hope it works for everyone!

It goes in a loop!!! I just used the $10 credit on the $7 jewelry deal. Re-did the unsubscribe process and now I have another $10 again! Woohoo!!!
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