$1 + Free Shipping - ThinkTank Technology 7 LED Head Lamp With Adjustable Head Strap


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Thank you! I ordered one for my 8 yr old. He will love it. He loves to work on things with my husband and this will be awesome! :)


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I paid a lot more than $1 for mine, and I love it. I use a cane, so it's awful hard to try to navigate while holding a cane in one hand and a flashlight in the other. They also make good book lights if you aim them right. I ordered myself a 2nd.


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Kept saying "CC. address is not match but zip code does" Put in 4 differrent CC. , discover, Visa and still got same problem.

Not sure why address is not match when it is first time I buy anything from them & I have auto fill program ( therefor address should always same)

Any guesses?


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I had the same thing happen with my order.. It would not accept the prepaid card, but once I switched to a non prepaid card it worked.


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Thank you for posting this. We host a hunter's breakfast and I am always looking for nice gifts that are cheap. This one certainly fits the bill and I purchased several for door prizes!

Nice that they accept paypal! Love the new pic Laurelnev!
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