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  1. krissyg89

    Groupon: $20 Barnes&Noble GC for $10

    I hope they fix it. I can't log in at all, and I have Groupon credits still :D
  2. krissyg89

    Groupon: $20 Barnes&Noble GC for $10

    Is anyone able to log in?
  3. krissyg89

    Possible Free Papa Johns Pizza

    Thanks! Although, I just looked... Apparently no Superbowl game has ever gone into overtime. I still signed up, though ^_^
  4. krissyg89

    Free $20 Chicken Out Rotisserie GC

    I got this, but it expires 04/30/2011 I won't be able to use it in time
  5. krissyg89

    Beyond the Rack

    Thanks! I ordered it too
  6. krissyg89

    Free nike shoes on tuesday from Doctor Oz

    My "confirmation" screen said that it's over. Kinda sucks that I had to submit my info before it actually told me that......
  7. krissyg89

    Free BookRenter t-shirt

    Today's prize is a CHANCE to win a gift card And yes, 20million is correct
  8. krissyg89

    75% at Hickory farms

    I went the day after Christmas. It was 50% off. A couple days later the whole kiosk thing was gone :cry:
  9. krissyg89

    Free Patriotic Lighter

  10. krissyg89

    Get 50% Off CD & DVD Box Sets at 12/30 12/31 only

    The code is working now. Has anyone actually used it in an order?
  11. krissyg89

    Groupon: $25 voucher for $10 to Coffee Warehouse - FREE shipping

    I personally don't mind about the shipping. My last Groupon I bought with credits. I bought this Groupon with credits. Everything will be free for me! I don't even know what k-cups are... but with my last Groupon for them I bought a 50pk case of Swiss Miss. I'll be doing it again ^_^
  12. krissyg89

    Groupon: $25 voucher for $10 to Coffee Warehouse - FREE shipping

    They are GREAT!! I already had this Groupon from earlier. My order arrived within a matter of a couple days after I placed my order! Although they kinda suck at responding to emails. I had a problem with my Groupon, and when I emailed them about it they never responded. I emailed someone at...
  13. krissyg89

    Just Letting Everyone Know That...

    I got mine!! I am so happy!! I need stuff for school next semester
  14. krissyg89

    Just Letting Everyone Know That...

    :bowdown: Thanks for the heads up! :fingersx:
  15. krissyg89

    Just Letting Everyone Know That...

    Did you get it in the mail or email?
  16. krissyg89

    Free $5 Amazon video on demand credit

    Just got done watching Contact. I love that movie
  17. krissyg89

    Free $46 Lowes cleaning product coupon booklet

    Yeah, it isn't available to me.
  18. krissyg89

    groupon for zazzle!!

    I've used Groupons where I could use the discount on items under the amount. The RedEnvelope one worked like that. Like I said, it doesn't say anywhere that I can find that says I have to spend more than the Groupon. Hopefully I am not missing anything...
  19. krissyg89

    groupon for zazzle!!

    Am I missing something?
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