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    Educational Insights Eggspert $14.99

    Thank you! Looks cool!
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    $10 ofr $20 OldNavy is back

    Just watch out for these 3 things when you get an Old Navy Groupon: At least these were the rules that applied on the last one I purchased: 1. in store deals, like Buy 1 Get 1 Free, did not apply to Groupons 2. expiration date was short 3. in store only, not online
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    20% OFF + Free shipping at Kohl's online, 2 days only: No Minimun w/ code

    Thanks Chilidogbarb! I also found this on If your online purchase totals $50 or more, you could get $15 kohls cash, 20% off, and free shipping. Use code CON20HH4
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    Samsung ML-1865W Wireless Monochrome Laser Printer $50

    I spoke to a rep and she said it comes with a 'starter cartridge', which lasts a while. I ordered one on the phone, so I'll update this post when I receive mine.
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    Halloween Special Offer HD Video Converter (Original $49.95, Now $0.00)

    it says $35.95 not $0. I used your link. Is there a code or something else??
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    Free photo book 8.5 x 11 - Walgreens, pay s&h

    Today 7/9/2011 ONLY. You pay S&H (min. $6.99) use code: CREATEBOOK It's the 8.5 x 11 size, classic linen hardcover, you could read the fine print on their website. I just made one and it's pretty easy. It's a $19.99 value that's free.
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    3 cosmetics bags for $8 shipped

    I received my order in a little over 1 week, so to be fair, I am posting that they have fixed the delay problem I experience in my earlier order (mentioned in my original post).
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    Free Physicians Formula Products After Rebate

    Hi Chris, Have you found the products that have the 'try me free' label on it? thanks.
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    3 cosmetics bags for $8 shipped

    Use code: COSMASKS to get 3 cosmetics bags (any size) shipped for $8 total. at I've ordered from them before and I liked the quality of the products, but it did take about 3 weeks to ship. You personalize the cosmetic bags using your own photos (uploaded) and you...
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    Free Macally Bamboo laptop fan after rebate

    All of the Frys in my area are OUT OF IT. Too bad it doesn't tell you that when you enter all of your credit card info. they call you later on to tell you that they have to cancel your order because all of the stores in the Area has run out... it was a great deal if you got it in time.
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    Womens' SO Flip-Flops $1.69

    Chris, Thanks for letting us know of this offer and my comments below are about Kohls, not your kindness and helpfulness. I have to say that Kohls' online purchase system is PATHETIC, because several times now, after I have put in my credit card info and everything, it tells me that the...
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    365 4x6 prints for $15 (incl. shipping) use code: spring365 You need to pay taxes, if applicable. This is a great deal if you need that many prints. They also have a deal for 100 4x6 prints for $10 shipped (code: myspring) , but doing the math, the 365 is...
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    Artscow 3 photo cosmetic bags $8 shipped

    I received my 3 medium size cosmetics bag today and LOVE them! The clarity of the photos on them were not perfect, but as they are printed on plastic/fabric like material, it's still good. For the price I paid for 3 custom made ones and shipping, it was really a good deal! I made one for my...
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    Swiffer SweeperVac Starter Kit $19.75 shipped

    got one! I love this gadget and have had one for 5 years already, but could use another one. Thanks!!!
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    Artscow 3 photo cosmetic bags $8 shipped

    I am still waiting for my cosmetic're not kidding when you said that it takes a LONG time to receive them. Are they mailing them from Hong Kong by SHIP??? hm.... I'm just so eager.:noes:
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    Solofill Cup, Refillable K-Cup For Keurig Brewers $13.85

    seems like as soon as more people look at it, Amazon or whoever controls the price, raises the price. It's now $16.61
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    Artscow 3 photo cosmetic bags $8 shipped

    Has anyone ordered a photobook from them? Was the quality good? Thanks for any feedback. they gave me a bunch of coupons for signing up, but I have to look at the shipping costs too.
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    Artscow 3 photo cosmetic bags $8 shipped

    I can't wait to get it. It took me a bit of time, but I finally finished making 3 of them... and it's a grand total of $8! Yeah! Thank you!!!
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    BR 28-Piece Makeup Kit JC229-3 $15.99/FS

    Hi, Have you used this brand of cosmetics before? thanks.
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    Clark Color-FREE 16x20 or 20x30 Poster/Collage! Just pay shipping

    Thank you!! Great offer! I can't wait to get my poster and see how it turns out.
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