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  1. jackie221

    free college t shirts from coke rewards

    I just saw this on another site, I also used the codes touchdown and Tshirt and got 2 more free t's! Hope these work for everyone.
  2. jackie221

    Rival Crock Pot Richard Petty #43 Nascar Slow Cooker & Bonus Bag $19.99+$6.99 s/h

    $5 for a Rival crock pot? Show me where you shop!
  3. jackie221

    P&GEStore deal

    Oh wow, they called? lol Thats good c.s.
  4. jackie221

    P&GEStore deal

    this is so strange. I was able to place an order using the discount code. I'm happy, but it's weird lol I copied and pasted the code each time and each item I had was from the proper section and totaled over $10.01 even with the coupons. Oh well!
  5. jackie221

    P&GEStore deal

    I tried again today, using similar scenario as one posted (the basic bounty was out of stock so put something else in) but still a no go for me. weird! I'm happy it worked for y'all lol jealous I'm not getting it though :)
  6. jackie221

    P&GEStore deal

    I did Crystal, I tried to order a couple days ago and I got an error message (can't remember what it said) and then came on here and saw other people ordered the same day with no issues. I made sure I ordered from the future friendly area too. not sure why it's working for some, and not for...
  7. jackie221

    Lowe's HOT 18 gallon storage containers only $2.50!

    Same here. I wonder if the 2.50 was a short term price?
  8. jackie221

    Thank you!! Happy New Year to you!! :)

    Thank you!! Happy New Year to you!! :)
  9. jackie221

    $15 off Sahalie .com

    right op said $15 off $15.01 and shipping is $5.99 not included.
  10. jackie221

    $5 OFF $5 and FS OSP!! WOOT, HOT HOT HOT

    I just repped you scmommy lol
  11. jackie221

    $5 OFF $5 and FS OSP!! WOOT, HOT HOT HOT

    if you look to the left... where it has jackie221 or in your case scmommy... at the bottom of that box you will see a circle (green if the person is online) then I think that next symbol is scales ie scales of justice? then a "yield sign"... well if you click the middle symbol/scales you have...
  12. jackie221

    $5 OFF $5 and FS OSP!! WOOT, HOT HOT HOT

    It expired at Midnight ET Dec 11th
  13. jackie221


    I pm'd you .... hopefully it will be helpful :dunno:
  14. jackie221

    $15 for a makeup kit worth $60 HOT

    Thank you so much! I ordered a Laura Geller set for my daughter! MAKEUP OVERLOAD! lol The set I bought was $24, but had a $132 value! I have never bought this brand, but have heard good reviews. I also got 3 FREE samples, and if I added one more dollar, I qualified for FREE shipping...
  15. jackie221

    The Body Shop Free Jolly Orange body butter w/any purchase plus FS

    Thank you Kmarie! I ordered the facewash carebear posted. I think my daughter will like the facewash :)
  16. jackie221

    P&GEStore deal

    Thank you! I ordered a couple things online and haven't received them yet. Maybe today is the day :)
  17. jackie221

    P&GEStore deal

    Anyone receive their order yet?
  18. jackie221

    Cyber Monday Cashback Deals

    Someone's been busy posting deals! TY! Can't wait to check them out :)
  19. jackie221

    Naturalizer $10 off $10/FS

    Mine was cancelled as well, which is fine.... I would be okay paying the extra $10 because I wanted to try out those shoes without paying $100! My only problem is they didn't bother notifying me! Crappy c.s. imo. I went online to track my order and that is how I found out it was cancelled. I...
  20. jackie221

    Thomas Train Target Deal

    Have you tried hot coupon worlds coupon data base? I haven't used their site in a while, but have had luck in the past finding specific coupons
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