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  1. nitadawn

    Free Office Depot $30 Gift Card

    I got mine today too!! Very happy!!!:xmas:
  2. nitadawn

    $5 OFF $5 and FS OSP!! WOOT, HOT HOT HOT

    The 8.68 cent snuggie came today, it is huge, but that is good cuz my Dad is really tall! I can picture him sitting on his couch watching TV in it, so it was a good deal, but yeah sorry about everyone's orders with them too.
  3. nitadawn

    What are good day-after-Christmas stores?

    I like Target about 5-7 days after Christmas. So many Christmas items marked down to like free!! And I have heard Kohls is good too.
  4. nitadawn

    $20 off Live Nation Store = Free Music Downloads

    I could not find a way to avoid the 6.81 shipping charge, but got myself 2 pairs of B52 booty shorts for free, so I am happy bout that!:xmas:
  5. nitadawn

    $5 OFF $5 and FS OSP!! WOOT, HOT HOT HOT

    Well I still got a good deal, with the code, and my item they said has shipped, I got that snuggie blanket for my Dad who is 76 for only 8.00. I know it is frustrating when we hope to get them at cheap, cheap, but it was alot better then the store price!
  6. nitadawn

    $5 OFF $5 and FS OSP!! WOOT, HOT HOT HOT

    Mine says "In Process" so hmmm, do hope it gets here for Christmas!
  7. nitadawn

    HOT 5 point deals @ RecycleBank Every Day This Week!

    I have gotten these before, and they are nice shiny coke coupons that they will take at any store!! Not computer printed looking ones! Thank you for the post!!:xmas:
  8. nitadawn

    Guys underwear 3 pack $3.20 shipped! :run:

    Do you have to have paypal only to get these?
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